Oops that was unexpected.

Be careful what you wish for, You may get it.

Up to the last minute Remain was expected to win.

Plans were afoot to appeal the result, to continue to fight, petitions were started.

Politicians thought this was their stepping stones to No 10, but no rush.

So amongst the 41% of the electorate that voted out, what were some of the reasons.

No doubt there were sincere, levelheaded , non-racist, seperatists who had either given up on Europe , or never believed it was good for the country.

But there were also those who voted against the establishment because they were annoyed with something.

Who thought that the remain vote should not get too high a margin in case it gave Brussels the idea that they could walk all over us (“tactical voting”).

There were those who did not know the facts, and those who believed the “facts” now disowned by the Brexiteers, and those who didnt care about the facts, or knew them and didnt care anyway.

There were those who just wanted to stick one on the government, austerity, politicians, experts, and the establishment in general.

There were those who believe that the UK is ruled from Brussels.

People who think that the EU love us and would let us have all of the benefits without paying any of the costs.

Some who just wanted to shake things up.

Some who wanted to remain in the EU but not under the present terms and conditions.

Some who resent that the EU funds their region, and some who do not know it does.

Some who couldnt believe that leaving the EU would cost the UK anything.

Out and out racists that want THEM out.

People who believe that anyone better qualified for a job they didnt get, cheated.

People who believed that the entire population of Turkey would be marching across Europe and taking over their street if the UK stayed in the EU.

Some who just do not like ‘otherners’ on their patch.

Some who have never met anyone from within the EU, or didnt realise if they did.

Some who thought that they could profit from the chaos.

Some who looked forward to reduced employee rights.

Some who profit from closing down sales.

Some with a particular EU regulation they would like to avoid or break.

Some who resent hearing foreign voices on the bus or street.

Some who want a PM who proposes NO worker rights.

Some who want a weaker EU

and some who were just desperate for change.

Not all of them still want out.

None of them are just stupid

And they are all our fellow countrymen and women.  

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