Flight of Eagles

The adopted Sons of England

In memory of all of those who gave their lives to get us to where we are today. And in special memory of the 'Few' from wherever they may have been born, our thanks.

Flight of eagles: 

Insane,couragous, they fought side by side
together they lived and together they died
from all over Europe they came far and wide
and they're flying now for England

Young men with no faces, their lives burnt and gone
in the blue skies of England, their fame lingers on
Wherever they came from, wherever they've gone
They fought and died for England

Its angels 10 and watch your six
keep an eye on the sun and your hands on the stick
if the engine flames then get out real quick
for you're fighting now for England

As the few got fewer and died in our skies
from all over the empire they were pulled by their ties
the children of England came back to these skies
For theres fighting now for England

As the bullets went up and the bombs came down
its better up there than it is on the ground
with the enemy in sight and your mates by your side
for you're fighting now for England

What goes up there must come down
but sometimes a friends just a hole in the ground
one less mate to buy you a round
as we fly and die for England

Though you're new to the game and scared to the core
get as close as you can and then get some more
stick your nose in his cockpit to settle the score
for you're fighting now for England

As we fight and die we'll not give in
Exhausted and dying the line gets thin
but we're sons of the soil and we will not give in
theres no second place, we've got to win
as we fight and die for England

From all over the world they came far and wide
Insane and courageous we fought side by side
together we lived and together we died
The adopted sons of England

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