How do we hold

Most firmly to an Axe lest it twist or chaff,
Less so to a sword, firm but not stiff,

lightly to a pen to chase the words most swiftly
and obey a finger's touch,
lighter to a brush to fill the picture that is swiftly seen and gone, 

enclosing a dropped fledgling as restoring to its nest, 

and shielding a candle's flame from the wayward gust,

firmly as we guide a needle's point and thread,
and carefully as we pluck the ripened berry from the briar

hardly at all as a butterfly upon our hand may rest,
but swiftly, solidly as a friend begins to fall. 

Tight to the hand that guides us in the dark, or pulls us from the waters or the drop, 

cupped round the welcome warming drink
that greets us as we reach our journeys end.

Anxiously as we await the latest news,
painfully the hot cup to the tables top.

A raised hand that prevents an errant step,
a blown kiss that conveys a thought. 

Defiantly we hold the standard high to rally round
with eager hands to plant the flag upon the mountains top
as grimly to the task we hold.

Tearfully as a dying breath is gone

Together as we lift a heavy load
embracing as we cheer a victory gained

we hold aloft the symbols of our pride
clasp to our chest the loved ones we have lost

and in our memories a fading past falls through our loosened fingers and departs.

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