Reluctant Rebel

Game On!

As someone who has voted conservative all of his life it feels strange to have been contemplating revolt against a conservative government.

Maybe it is because I just don't like fascists.

But we still have the problem of how we got into this state, and how to get out of it.

My vote is now ABC (Anything but conservative, Anyone but Corbyn).


Don't shove

I think that as a people Brits' are fairly independent and have a strong resistance to being pushed around.

Maybe we are all quiet rebels at heart, or just prefer to be persuaded rather than pushed.

Our general voting apathy would indicate that on the whole we consider whoever is in government will do a passable job and anyway we can get rid of them in a couple of years so what's to worry about.

Maybe that is why so many people voted against all of the authorities that warned of the danger of retreating from the EU.

We don't like being told what to do, and at the back of everyone's mind was the thought  'We will stay in but we don't want to make it too comfortable'.

Don't be rude

Sometimes though, it all goes wrong and then it is up to us how we respond.

Generally we would like to think this would be politely, reservedly, and with the least amount of fuss.

Eventually however there comes along something that tweaks the lion's tail.

Something that maybe cannot be dealt with politely.

Something like the rise of racism and fascism, neighbors who are frightened to go out, friends and family whose lives have been at best put on hold, possibly radically changed.

Relationships which have been broken by the polarisation of society, families split.

In short the seeds of civil war sown, however politely this war may be conducted.

And on top of that the rise of people, who to put it politely , are just plain offensive and rude.

It can mean that you find yourself agreeing with those who are normally your opponents when you have the freedom to argue over smaller things.

That's far enough

But when the big question 'Who's country is this?' comes along, then fresh lines must be drawn, and new alliances built for more important purposes.

Of course the real problem is simple but paramount; how do you fight for tolerance.

We are embarking on a course which will find us fighting over both our history and our future.

Over what we have done, what marks has it left on us, where we are going and how will we get there.

Who and What we are.

My Flag

So let's plant some flags in the ground.

Well to begin with the UNION jack is just that, a flag of the UNION, so anyone who is doing things that threaten the union can go and find another flag (they may well have one somewhere already).

We are stronger together, as a nation , as a union and as a member of the EU. Jaw Jaw is still better than War War.

We are a tolerant nation (on the whole) most of the time, which is why people come here.

We have left large marks on the world for a country so small, and have hopefully learnt a lot from the resultant ups and downs.

We have never been shy of a fight.

We have a history which includes fighting and dying to stop the slave trade, and an embarassment about having been involved in it in the first place, an emabrassment which prevents us from talking about the lives lost in this fight.  

We had the determination then to spend lives and money to force other nations to follow our lead, and an evangelical fervour to see it through.

Our word has been sufficient to take us to war, just because a little country we said we would protect was attacked (Belgium in WW1 and Poland in WW2) and we have a resolve to stick to our word.

We have fought those conflicts to the bitter end, Millions dead, and every penny in the bank gone, until we owed some more.  

And we have honoured those debts, have finally just paid them off and started to climb out of that hole and become prosperous again.

We have managed to prosper when others have struggled and as a result become a magnet to those who want to get on and succeed.

Crossing the line.

Now however we seem to have managed to cross a line, which maybe not everyone saw, and maybe nobody thought we would cross because everyone would be British and sensible about it.

But why should we roll over to the decision by 41% of our electorate to turn our backs on Europe and dig a new trench to fall into.

The arguement that more people voted out than in is not enough to make us just give in.

Possibly because not enough people voted to make it a true majority, and quite probably because we do not like being pushed around, and maybe because we just do not believe it is right.

The British thing to do is actually to keep arguing, over each and every full stop and comma.

We have rightfully investigated the legalities of allowing a PM to invoke article 50.

And a need for a act of parliment to supercede the existing one.

A proper just solution to the loss of rights and future being imposed upon such a large proportion of the country and all subsequent generations.

And that is before considering that the electorate may not feel as pro leave now as they did before they heard the admissions of lies and witnessed the costs of even starting the process to leave the EU.

If the result had been remain, no-one would have suffered any additional loss, no threats to citizenship, or loss of rights, or loss of future.

With the vote to leave there are real losses that people have already suffered, will continue to suffer and will resent. People face dislocation of their lives, insecurity as to their future, strain on relationships that cross nationalities and families thrown into turmoil. With Doctors and Nurses already leaving the NHS as a result, lives will probably have been lost, though no one is likely to admit such a thing. 

That is the recipe for backlash.

When there are strains of this magnitude on the fabric of society, something may give, suddenly.

You can feel it in the air, on the tube, on the streets;  it sounds like a low growl.

Leave or stay there are now forces awakened waiting for a focus point, like fumes waiting for a spark

Lets make our minds up as to who we really are, and what makes us us and not what makes them them.

Do we need a 'not us' to define ourselves against or are we confident enough to define ourselves?

History shows us that most countries experiencing this level of internal stress, convulse violently in the attempt to re-adjust and resolve the issues. Once this starts, the resistance to further radical shifts is lessened.  

But we are British.

Jaw Jaw is still better than War War.

What do We Want?

Probably all that most people want is a fair society, with equal justice for all. Of course some may want a bigger slice of the cake, or for someone else to pay the bill, or a chance to profit from others misfortunes, be it in an open market or a closed shop. So lets stick with the fairer society for all, and that really means a fairer society for the other guy, because you are the other guy to most people.

Game On!

I would hope that come polling day you voted something effective that at least scared some sense into the government.

But your vote is yours, the choice is plain.

Use it or lose it.

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